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Have you missed something from Greece? Our private sector team is here for you. You might feel the need for a souvenir, something symbolical, a religious item or maybe just a photo. You may also desire to get in touch with a friend or a relative you have not seen for years and you would like to see them online but couldn’t until now. Your wishes can be so many that they cannot be written in a paragraph. Just send us your message and we will respond in a few hours.



We work with the best real estate agencies in Greece to buy, sell or rent your property either in Attica or elsewhere in our country. There are certainly thousands of offers on the market to get access to. At Greex, we are interested in offering the best proposals for your property through the best partnerships in the field. We cover the whole country for every type of property (houses, shops, land or businesses). Nowadays, there are huge opportunities to invest in real estate and businesses in Greece. We are at your service to review your application and respond to you within 24-48 hours!


The last couple of years we have been active in the tourism industry through the internet. We also have a separate department that promotes and develops local tourism experiences through our website We are available and ready to give you the best information on hotels, rooms to let, villas, group trips, restaurants, weddings and other events. All our information comes from our own travel experiences. Everything related to tourism that we recommend you in Greece has been tested by the people of Greex!



Our Greex team in the private sector is able, as soon as you send your request, to search for local producers and send you the Greek product you want. We cover all the arrangements for services such as the cleaning or maintenance of your property or your car in Greece or any other service such as research, psychology, medicine, etc. Do not hesitate to ask for a product or service that is not mentioned here. Our partners are ready to meet your request.


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