Based on our vision, we believe that in our country there are big business opportunities in many industries. If we combine fresh ideas, new people with appetite and creativity and of course the internal dynamism that we have as Greeks at least we can achieve  to help our country and most of it, after many years why not to transform it into a better edition.

In this vision, we would love to cooperate with the Greek community and  be an important part of it. As Greex team are at your disposal to be your “eyes” in the country.That means to contribute, to help or even to participate in business efforts to promote Greece. Tourism, shipping, services, Greek products are just some of the strengths that are currently available. Everything is connected and everything can be made available to the whole world because of technology.

  • We can show Greek tourism in relation to our culture
  • It is worth feeding the world with the great-quality food produced in Greece 
  • It is an opportunity to develop partnerships and exchange ideas and knowledge

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