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About Greex…

” The first platform to deal with tasks arising from the public and private sector as well as fulfillment of wishes related to Greece and serving all Greeks around the world ”. The idea is simple. Through www.greex.com.gr you get in touch with our team and let you know the steps we should take for the case you want to investigate or the problem you want to resolve. The communication and handling of your case with the public is done by a team of highly experienced associates from all areas (Legal, Finance, Engineers, Real Estate Consultants, etc.). Even in case of a simple wish we have the appropriate team to fulfill it consistently and to inform you accordingly.
We know that the Greeks are too many all around the world and we have found that this service could help and facilitate many of our compatriots. As a team we are starting this effort while having the hope, the passion and the vision that through Greex we will get in touch with all the Greeks abroad. It is perhaps an opportunity to communicate more. Our story has also shown that when we work together we can do wonders. We hope that we will have the opportunity to get to know more and why not to exchange ideas that could help our country!   Greex team

Our Mission ” Helping thousands of Greeks around the world to resolve simle or less simple issues with the public or private sector or even fulfill a deep desire in relation to Greece ”

Our Vision “To contribute to bringing all Greeks around the world closer, to communicate more and to implement ideas that will help and develop our country”

Greex Executive Partners

The Greex team is made up of highly experienced scientists from all disciplines. There are lawyers for civil and criminal matters, electrical engineers and architects, economists and accountants, tax consultants, real estate consultants, notaries, entrepreneurs, marketing specialists, tourism specialists, transport companies and many other partners. Geographically, our team covers the whole country. In addition, when it comes to a very simple matter or the fulfillment of a desire there are also people who will run for you. We have chosen this team with great care to ensure consistency, honest cooperation and quality at all service levels for your benefit.

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