” The first platform to deal with tasks arising from the public and private sector as well as fulfillment of wishes related to Greece and serving all Greeks around the world ”.

The idea is simple. Through www.greex.com.gr you get in touch with our team and let you know the steps we should take for the case you want to investigate or the problem you want to resolve.
The communication and handling of your case with the public is done by a team of highly experienced associates from all areas (Legal, Finance, Engineers, Real Estate Consultants, etc.). Even in case of a simple wish we have the appropriate team to fulfill it consistently and to inform you accordingly.

Public Services

Do you need a VAT number as an external resident or tax information? Do you need a detailed rating from the university? Does your building permit for the property in Greece expire? Do you have stamps from your years of work in the country? Is there a transaction with a bank you should check? Do you want to transfer your voting rights?


Based on our vision, we believe that in our country there are big business opportunities in many industries. If we combine fresh ideas, new people with appetite and creativity and of course the internal dynamism that we have as Greeks at least we can achieve  to help our country and most of it, after many years why not to transform it into a better edition. In this vision, we would love to cooperate with the Greek community and  be an important part of it.

Real Estate

We work with the best Real Estate agencies in Greece to buy or sell or rent your property either in Attica or elsewhere in our country. There are certainly thousands of suggestions on the market to get access to real estate. At Greex we are interested in offering the best proposals for your property through the best collaborators in the field.


If you wish anything from Greece, the private-sector team works for you. You may feel the need to send you a commemorative, symbolic, religious object. Maybe just a photo or even get in touch with a friend or relative you have not seen for years and would like to log on online because he could not do so now. Your wishes may be so many that they can not be written in a paragraph.

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